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Dr. Kirschner on How 2 Guide 2 Life

An Interview Your Audience Will Love!

"Whatever the subject, Dr. Rick Kirschner's engaging wit and wisdom makes him the perfect interview. He's not only mastered the Art of Change, he's mastered the art of content, creativity and communication. Articulate and fun, his common-sense approach, from conflict-resolution to life in general, delivers practical, easy-to-follow advice for readers. Change is inevitable—and so are great quotes when it comes to Dr. K." — Joanne Richard, Toronto Sun

This mediagenic author gives a great interview! Articulate and responsive, Dr. Rick Kirschner blends his people-friendly humor with practical skills and useful information, to give an interview your audience will love! He has delighted audiences and reporters while delivering his expertise on dealing with change, difficult relationships,
and life's challenges in thousands of radio and television appearances, newspaper and magazine articles, from NBC to CNBC to CBC to FOX.  He is a sought after resource by such publications as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Executive Excellence, Honey Magazine, Selling Power and Readers Digest.

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He is an author and coauthor of numerous books, audio and video programs, including the audio/video all-time bestseller, 'How To Deal With Difficult People,'  the McGraw Hill International Bestseller, 'Dealing With People You Can't Stand,' the entertaining ebook sequel 'Dealing With Relatives,' the book 'Life By Design,' the book, 'Love Thy Customer,' and his most recent work, 'Insider's Guide To The Art of Persuasion.'   

Reporters, writers and producers are invited to contact us by phone and email.  Press kits and other materials are available here. We can provide copies of Rick's books, articles, and links to audio and video programs on request.

Dr. Rick Kirschner helps people do the important work today of creating a better tomorrow.

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